Mitja & Marató Barcelona 2020

5a cursa de la dona Dream Runners Cornellà

we run for a dream / corremos por un sueño / correm per un somni

Dream Runners

ajudar als infants de Costa d'Ivori / ayudar a los niños de Costa de Marfil

Fundació IPI-COOP

corro per un somni / corro por un sueño / I run for a dream

Dream Runners

donar vida a Etiòpia / dar vida a Etiopía

Fundació IPI-COOP

I run for a dream

Dream Runners

garantir un futur per a les noies més vulnerables de Bolívia

Fundació IPI-COOP

For the 4th consecutive year, Dream Runners have received 50 free entries for the race. More information:

Remember that if you enroll in the 2016 Barcelona half marathon through Dream Runners, the full amount of your contribution will go to a maternal and child health project in Ethiopia which is developed by the Barcelona based NGO, IPI-COOP. There is no additional fee, you have nothing to lose, and your registration fee will contribute to reduce infant mortality in Ethiopia...

This year Dream Runners has 50 entries for the race. The full amount of the registration fee will be donated to a maternal and infant health project in Ethiopia.


You can register now by clicking here:

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