Basic recommendations before a Half Marathon or Marathon

Sun, 19/05/2013

Before running, you must consider some basic tips:

  • Visit a doctor specialized in Sports Medicine, who can give you a physical exam and ask for an EKG and a CXR test. If available, other tests can be helpful (stress test, blood analysis…)
  • Visit a sports podiatrist who will make a study of the way you run. The specialist may be able to correct any problems with insoles. Thus, we avoid overuse injuries (feet, knees and gluteus).
  • Get in shape while you run, combining with “non-impact exercises” (swimming, biking, gym…). This way you won’t harm the joints in your feet and legs.
  • Before running, begin by warming up with gentle stretching exercises that stretch your upper body and legs. When you are done running, it is good to stretch again, but never use force on your muscles or joints.
  • While you are training, whenever possible, run with someone else. Especially in mountain races.
  • Wear good shoes and breathable clothing. On mountain races, wear outdoor clothing.
  • Don’t forget to eat and drink water before and during a run. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink!
  • Research the slopes of the route and the weather.
  • Both during training and in the long distance races try to go from slower to faster pace.  It is better to be conservative at first, especially for the inexperienced runner.


Dr. Àngel Bigas

Dr. Angel Bigas

Sports Medicine and Traumatology

Dr. Angel Bigas is one of the medical professionals in the Runners Clinic (Clínica del Corredor), a center designed to provide all types of sports medicine treatments.

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