Charitable Causes

Open to support any type of charitable cause, either local, national or the Third World (provided it is consistent, realistic, fair y sustainable). Similarly, we are open to supporting any organization and/or NGO driving this cause (as long as it is non profit and can demonstrate a rigorous path that is ethical and transparent).

Areas of Support:

  1. Children and elderly
  2. Poverty and marginalization
  3. Investigation/treatment for diseases
  4. Development/Africa

Concrete Causes

Dream Runners will only support actions, activities and/or projects that are concrete and verifiable. In no event will we fund generic organizations or organizations without structure.

Principles Causes

Dream Runners is not a crowdfunding platform, we do not want to scatter our efforts nor fall into favoritism. We will run and strive for a limited number of objectives or causes so that we don’t dilute nor reduce our strength.

 If you are a nonprofit organization or a NGO and believe that your project can fit into our goals, please send us your proposal and we will evaluate it thoroughly.